Farm Life

Will - I never want to over saturate this blog with photographs that I take, but at the same time I need to remember to keep posting new material. Once again I just marvel at the opportunities that come my way to capture moments on the farm. The blue '78 Chevy C-65 has been a fixture on the farm since it's conception and as well as seeing many miles, it was also a milestone in the life of the farm. When it drove onto the yard for the first time my uncles thought, "Man! This is living." The life of this old workhorse has almost reached it's end, but until then it will continue to fill the same role as it did over 30 years ago. The load of hay is the last of the 2010 cut and was sold to a local hobby farmer. The sun ring photograph was not taken on the same day as the truck, but highlights how much I love the sun and blue sky.

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