The Close of the Day

Will - I was in total amazement this evening when I looked to the West and saw the sun setting on what was a near perfect Manitoba day. There was a glow in the sky that the most expensive camera or lens could not capture perfectly. I love how moments like these can't be defined by the "picture", but encompass so much more emotion to the time and place. Instantly I bring up other memories of being on the field, at the lake or in my car on a long road trip and watching the sun go down. The close of a day. A time to rest and rejuvenate. Hopefully I'll see you again tomorrow sun.

- By the way, I chose not to edit these pictures at all. The first one was taken with a 50mm and cropped slightly. The second was with a 70-300mm at 300mm without any colour editing or cropping. Third was a 18-105mm "kit lens" at 70mm, no colour editing but slight crop. ISO 200 and 1/200 for each. f5, 5.6 and 4.5 respectively. Had to say it because sometimes people don't believe in true colour anymore

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