Winnipeg Wedding Photographers - Western Aviation Museum - B & S

The bride, the groom, the setting, and the atmosphere, every part of this wedding was fabulous.

We met the bride a year ago at a wedding and quickly realized that this group of friends can have a great time wherever they are, with whoever is there. The special day didn't disappoint, and when we got to meet the groups of friends that they were sharing it with, we were quickly accepted into the bunch. 

A walk down the street to the local church to get hitched, and a walk back to their home, provided a unique and personal flavour to what was turning out to be such a unique day.

Under the wings of giant museum airplanes was the setting for the reception. We had a chance to slip away with B & S to tour the planes ourselves, capturing what will become one of our favourite photos. Fly away together and start your new life as a couple. We wish you safe travels and all the best!

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