Winnipeg Family Photographers - Assiniboine Park - The G Family

There are an infinite number of opportunities. And after I write that, I think about how I could have started that sentence better, or did I? Exactly. 

We have known the G family for a long time. For me, I met Mr. just about 10 years ago when he did my marriage counselling and then hitched Jen and I on that glooooorious day. It's been such a great experience getting to know their family ever since. The G family possesses so many incredible qualities, experiences, and attitudes, that their opportunities are endless. While I look at these photos and reflect at what they're truly saying, I see not only the loving mother, son that must have just grown taller than father, daughter just graduating, and father changing jobs... I see opportunities. I see potential. I see humility and pride. I see laughter and support. I see love. We will be here for you all, and we wish you all the best as you seek boundless opportunities.

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