John Deere

Will - My love for all things John Deere is fairly apparent if you know me, and I express this love through the farm photographs I capture, and some of the apparel I wear. Yesterday I was driving this old beauty, a 1980 John Deere 4640, on the field. It was rather muddy as a result of the abnormally mild weather, so shortly after this photograph was taken I spent some time and love to wash and clean it thoroughly. Now it is ready for the next duty.

Newborn - Baby R

Jen - One of my really close friends, Lauren, just had a baby boy and I got to take some photographs of him this afternoon. We had quite the time trying to get him to sleep so you'll notice he is WIDE awake in most of the shots. He is super adorable and I got to capture a few cute moments!

The Sunrise

Will - It's a toss up if I like sunrises more than sunsets, but for today and right now I choose sunrise. I love how the colours of the sky in the morning are so soft. This is reason enough for me to get out of bed in the morning, and yet another reason to always have my camera with me. This picture was taken just after 8am on my way to the farm, about 5km south of Winnipeg.

Train Graffiti

Will - I've always wanted to compile a book of train car graffiti, and talking to a friend today, apparently there are others. I think it could be a great conversation piece or starter for the living room coffee table. On my way to the farm this morning this train was stopped along the side of the highway. This car was surprisingly the only one with any graffiti on it. I couldn't resist the brilliant colours, and snapped this photograph.

Frosty Days

Will - Life on the farm allows me to see all kinds of cool sceneries. Today was just such a day. The frost was clinging to every branch of every tree. The absence of wind meant that this gorgeous white shroud stayed all day. This is the kind of picture that helps me get up everyday. I never know what I may come across...
Southern Manitoba

Here we are...

Here we are, a husband and wife photography team, sitting next to each other, staring at the computer screen, trying to figure out what to say on our first EVER blog. Basically, we both love taking pictures of the scenery and people around us and want to share them with you. As you follow our blog, you'll get to discover our individual styles as we both capture images from day to day life. Hope you have as much fun as we will!