Cole is One!

Our little guy turned one this month. We are so in love with this nose-scrunch smiling, exploring, adventure seeking, giggling, blue-eyed boy. He is such a special member of our family and we can't get enough of him. Hard to believe that our baby is already one.

We planned a birthday party for him and thought it would be fitting to make it a John Deere party! He was thrilled to ride the tractor!

Winnipeg Family Photographers - St. Vital Park - The T Family

Watching this extended family show up to the park with their individual families gave me great expectations as to what was to come. As each family got out of their vehicle there was added excitement. It was evident that this family is built around love, support and encouragement toward each other, which made for a fun an enjoyable evening!

Winnipeg Family Photographers - Assiniboine Park - Mama L/Kildonan Park - Newborn - Baby J

Mama L had a certain glow about her when I met her at the park. She was so close to meeting her second daughter and was feeling ready to meet her little one. Little did we know, she would be born just six days later! Baby J was a doll to photograph and I can tell she is already loved so much!

Winnipeg Family Photographers - Assiniboine Park - The G Family

There are an infinite number of opportunities. And after I write that, I think about how I could have started that sentence better, or did I? Exactly. 

We have known the G family for a long time. For me, I met Mr. just about 10 years ago when he did my marriage counselling and then hitched Jen and I on that glooooorious day. It's been such a great experience getting to know their family ever since. The G family possesses so many incredible qualities, experiences, and attitudes, that their opportunities are endless. While I look at these photos and reflect at what they're truly saying, I see not only the loving mother, son that must have just grown taller than father, daughter just graduating, and father changing jobs... I see opportunities. I see potential. I see humility and pride. I see laughter and support. I see love. We will be here for you all, and we wish you all the best as you seek boundless opportunities.