Winnipeg Family Photographers - Newborn - Baby A

Baby A was only one week old when I got to meet him. What an adorable little bundle he is. Mom and Dad were so relaxed, you'd never know they have only been parents for 7 days! There was a calmness and peace in their home and Baby A will be loved more than he knows. Thanks for having me in your home and giving me the pleasure of capturing these precious moments.

The W Family in the Exchange

We met the W family in the Exchange District of Winnipeg on what could have been the nicest day in November. The sun was shining and the snow was melting. Some of the buildings we stood against were dripping like leaky faucets and the girls got their clothes wet! Ahhh! Speaking of clothes, what a fabulously dressed family! All in different threads but matching so well. Thanks for making it easy on us. We really enjoyed our short time with you.

The L Family

With freshly fallen snow and evergreens, this back drop was perfect for their photos. It was like a "Winter Wonderland." Little B was so cute in her leopard print jacket. Little H was so cool with his hands in his pockets. He wanted them in his pockets the whole time! And Little A, who just recently started walking was the cutest thing as he tried to walk in the snow. Thanks for an enjoyable morning.

The D Family

It couldn't have turned out any better in our eyes; we had postponed this photo session due to a really cold and windy day. The phone calls and texts went back and forth debating if we should or should not. In the end we waited a week and the weather was perfect! This little stud was so fun, and he really enjoyed the local farm dog that was looking for love.