Will - I love to fish! Plain and simple. It's been way too long since I had the opportunity to get out and spend time on this beautiful lake, and equally too long since I had spent quality time with my old friend Del. While the weather and scenery couldn't be more ideal and picturesque, the fishing was mediocre. Great fun, but we didn't "limit" on our Pickerel (one of the best tasting fresh water fish in the world). However, Del volunteered to pack our day trip's food, and it was INCREDIBLE. I can't wait to get out on the water again!

Newborn - Baby E

Jen - Our friends just had a little baby girl and she is so stinkin' cute! I spent the afternoon with them yesterday and couldn't take my eyes off of her. Little toes, little ears, little mouth... too cute for words.

A Day With Grandpa

Will - It's been way too long since I have posted anything to this blog and I apologize! It has also been far too long since I have spent any time with my mother-in-law's dad...Grandpa B. He lives in another city across the great sea of fields, and neither of us get away very often. He and grandma decided to make the road trip here this summer and they let us have them to our home for the day and night. In fact they're sleeping in the room right above me as I type.

What an awesome opportunity I have to be able to visit with this part of my family. To sit and spend some quality time with this man of such wisdom and knowledge is such a blessing. How often do we take for granted the years that so quickly pass us by?  How often do we neglect the people that truly care for us and wish only the very best for us? I'm moved by the love that pours out from all my grandparents, and most recently by Grandpa B. We love you all very much.