Winnipeg Maternity Photographers - Kildonan Park - Mama S

Always growing. That's a thought that comes to mind today when I think about the photos that we took with this beautiful young couple. We were all very excited to meet, and they had a lot of ideas of what they wanted for the look of this session. Standards were set high, and I was actually feeling a bit of pressure! But pressure can be such a great tool, and pushes us to growth, to become better at what we want to do. Today that growth is to become a better photographer. For J and J the growth is about becoming parents. J is becoming a new mother, and J will be a dad! The excitement is almost unfathomable. We had Baby B only a little over a year ago, and with the great expectation of part 2, we are always learning of what growth in our relationship and as parents is about. It's exciting to know that growth will always be a part of who we are and what we do, taking us to places we have never been before. Embrace growth.

Winnipeg Wedding Photographers - The Gates - F & M

As I was sitting with the beaming groom in the park waiting for his bride, we took a few photos, checked the time, straightened the tie, checked the time... and started chatting about what we like to do in our free time and for fun. Wedding photography is at the top of my list, and for some reason I've had the opportunity to share with a few people recently why I get so excited about photographing weddings. The bride is always beautiful. That's a reason for sure. But for me I think a lot of the excitement comes from being with the guys. Let me try to explain and convey why. Many guys don't get dressed up very often, and I'd venture to say that most don't even like getting dressed up. But on their wedding day something is different. Even the groomsmen get pretty hyped about getting dressed up for their buddy, slipping a cigar or special silver flask into their inside jacket pocket, fumbling with cufflinks and double checking to make sure their tie knot is the right height. There's something about a wedding day where everyone is happy. Everyone looks good, and they know it. They're all "on top of the world". We would love nothing better than to be with you on that day and capture those special moments. Thats what we like to do with our spare time. Thanks F and M for this wonderful day, your smiles were so deep and so true. We wish you all the best.

Great Expectations Take Two

Will and I went out the other night to take some maternity photos. The weather was perfect and so was the light. Being on the other side of the camera was a challenge for me and I finally just had to give up the control. It was very tempting not to ask if I could see the photo after each shot! With just six more weeks to go till D Day, I was glad we took advantage of a beautiful night to capture this pregnancy.