Winnipeg Wedding Photographers - Rural Manitoba - G & J Engaged

When I think about photography and why I like it so much, I'm constantly reminded about "the magic". Those special moments that happen only once, in the blink of an eye when everything is just perfect. I sometimes get to be there for those moments, and sometimes we try hard to recreate them. A lot of couples try hard to recreate magic moments too, and their Pinterest boards are proof. I assure you though, it's not as easy as it looks, nor does it happen as often as some would like to think. But as we develop as photographers, growing into our style and our equipment, I think the chances of catching those magical moments happen more often. 

It didn't take much to create the magic when we were with G & J. We had some ideas for this session and they jumped right in, not knowing where we were going with it but trusting us fully. The perfect calm summer night. Temperature, wind and light, they all came together for us. We're going to go ahead and say this is just a teaser for how their wedding is going to be next August.