Winnipeg Wedding Photographers - La Barriere Park - N & K Engaged

I woke up to a white winterland on the morning of N & K's engagement session and was so relieved! What a gorgeous backdrop the hoar frost would make for their photos. As I drove in to the city, the hoar frost was getting less and less. By the time I got to the park we were planning on meeting at there was none! Fortunately N & K were up for a bit of a drive and we ventured out to the country. I'd say it was worth the trip.


Winnipeg Family Photographers - One Month - Baby Z

Babies bring so much joy to our lives. Especially the lives of the parents, and in this case, an older brother. B was so proud of his little brother, it was absolutely adorable to watch. I can tell these two little guys are going to be best buds!

Wedding - T & R

We met R a few months ago during the planning stages of this gorgeous wedding. All the details fell into place on R & T's wedding day. From the flowers to the food, the dress to the decorations, everything was perfect. We had a really great time hanging out with them for the day and were honoured to have been able to leave them with some visual memories.