Winnipeg Family Photographers - St. Norbert Ruins - The T Family

While scrolling through these photos I couldn't help but think about the contrast of this beautiful growing family against the ruins of an old stone structure. It's the start of what we call "Family Photo Season" also known as Autumn. One of the challenges that we run into at this time is finding the perfect location to take photos for your family or couple, trying to match your style and personality to a location. We love that the T family came well dressed, paying attention to details like shoes, but not entirely "matchy matchy". So much fun with this family, thanks!

Winnipeg Family Photographers - Newborn - Baby S

All little ones are so incredibly unique, and Baby S is certainly no different. What I see first that's awesome about this little dude is the depth of his eyes. It's almost like he's already thinking about his future, about what life will be like in 5 years, or maybe 10. One thing that is for sure, he will be loved. Hope you have a good time growing up little buddy.

Just Because - Little B

We're photographers and our sister sent us this dress from Africa. Seems reason enough for a little photo session with this cutie.