A Week in Paradise

This was our first time to the town of Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. The sights, sounds and smells were breathtaking and we soaked in all that we could. The town is situated on the north coast of the DR, but hasn't become a major tourist destination as of yet. Our hotel was on the beach and the 3 story walkup to our "penthouse" allowed us the most incredible views. The sunset photos were all taken from our balcony! So many quiet little restaurants on the beach kept us fed with incredible selections of seafood and pizza, ya that's right, pizza. Almost every restaurant had a wood fired pizza oven and the smell of fresh thin crust was always in the air. Fresh fruit! But enough about the food. 

The beaches were really where it was at! Every day we took a ride to a different beach to soak in the sun, and every day we sat in near total solitude and walked for miles along pristine coastline in perfect white sand. The local people are so easy to befriend, and although there is a language barrier, we were always able to communicate. If you haven't been to the Dominican Republic before we highly recommend you do. Try out the north coast and for about $200 you can rent a car and see a side of the country that you normally can't when staying at an all-inclusive.